Tuesday, October 4, 2011

About Philippines

Philippines is an Archipelago of 7107 tropical islands. Our nation is considered as the second largest archipelago in the world after Indonesia.

The country is divided into 14 regions- including the National Capital Region (Or Metro Manila) and the Cordillera Autonomous Region - 73 provinces and 60 cities. The economy is based on light industry and agriculture, the chief products being rice, maize, coconut, pineapple and sugar. Naturally being surrounded by so much water, a large proportion of the population relies on the sea for food. The land is rich in cobalt, copper, gold, iron, nickel and silver deposits. The textile, clothing and home appliance industries are well-developed, and those aquaculture and micro-circuits are expanding fast.

After the excesses of the Marcos years, the administration under presidents Cory Aquino and Fidel Ramos produced an era of stability, industrialization and economic growth that attracted foreign investors. This had continued under President Joseph Estrada. As well as industry, tourism has increased, 40 % of tourists being japanese.

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