Thursday, October 6, 2011

Accommodation and Entry Formalities in the Philippines

Accommodation has improved over recent years, as cheaper establishments continue to be knocked down and replaced by new facilities. There is a range of accommodation to suit all tastes, from the very basic to relatively upmarket establishments. Suggestions for where to stay are given in the Regional Directory at the end of each regional section.

Entry Formalities
Chinese, Indians and citizens from socialist countries require a visa before entering Philippines. They will be given 21 days upon their arrival for their visa.
If someone intends to stay longer than 21 days but not more than 59 days, you may obtain a multiple-entry 59-day visa from Philippine Consulate. Visas can be extended within the country for a fee, the length of stay being up to the discretion of the immigration personnel.

Sorry, I can't provide a picture of the Philippine Consulate here in the Philippines, this photo(Philippine General Consulate in California) attached here was from a friend, Jason Buzi, he sent me this September 5, 2011. Want to thank him of sending this one. The pic sending was I think not a total co-incidence but this served with a purpose. (Things always happened for a purpose.)

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