Monday, October 17, 2011

Mindoro and Puerto Galera

The island of Mindoro lies south of Luzon and is divided into two provinces, Mindoro Occidental in the west and Mindoro Oriental in the east. It is the coastal areas which are populated while the inland forest and mountainous areas are home to various tribal peoples. Fishing, rice cultivation and coconut plantations are the main agricultural activities on the island. Mindoro Occidental is not a tourist destination whereas Mindoro Oriental has become a popular venue for travellers.
Oh well, Mindoro is a place where this man, Jason Buzi(someone who is a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR/AGENT)whom I met online visited the area and according to him, " I was really bored over there(Mindoro). Except for one ride on the carabao and one cockfight, there was nothing interesting to see or do. It was hot and there was no running water in the house, just bucket shower. There was nothing around except farms and nothing to do."
Yes, there are some areas who do not have running water but just deep well, but then still, it's nice to at least a stranger like him experienced these things he wasn't used of.
Mindoro is famous for its beautiful beaches and wonderful dive sites(one is Pandan Island). This place is very productive for its natural resources such as vegetables, fish, rice and salt.

Puerto Galera
Situated 150 km (95 miles) from Manila on a beautiful natural harbour, with many fine beaches, sheltered coves and a backdrop of lush green hills, Puerto Galera ('Port Galleons') has been since the 10th century a port where ships can safely shelter from typhoons. Billed as the "Pearl of Mindoro", this is now an international travellers' beach resort. In the early days the area earned a bad name, with hastily built huts crammed on top of each other, budget travellers', "hospitality girls" and soft frugs. Some areas are still very crowded with bars and discotheques, but others are beautiful places to stay. Many expatriates have fallen in love with the place, married local girls and even set up their own businesses.

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