Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Subic Bay Pampanga

Naval Base

Subic Bay was originally established as a naval base by the Spanish in 1885, when they realized that it had better deep-water facilities and did not suffer from the malaria problems of their existing base at Cavite, in Manila Bay.

In April 1898 war broke out between Spain and the USA Asiatic Squadron, under Commodore George C. Dewy, set sail from Hongkong to attack the Spanish fleet. The Spanish scuttled the gunboat San Quintin at the eastern entrance of the bay between Grande Island and Chiquita Island (where she remains today, as a dive site). They intended to defend the western entrance with the wooden cruiser Castilla, but they changed their minds and retreated to Manila Bay. Filipino revolutionaries took advantage of this, setting up their own revolution, but this was eventually quashed by the Americans when they decided to take over the area in late 1899. They began establishing the naval base in 1900. 

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